TOKIWA COFFEE ROASTER is a chain of coffee shops specializing in specialty coffees, operating mainly in Saitama Prefecture. Tomidokoro Shinichi is the undertaker behind this business and he has previously run several franchise businesses such as restaurants and fitness clubs for women. With the concept of “fine coffee at home”, he roasts and sells green coffee beans that he sources himself at his community-based shops. Utilizing his rich business experiences, Shinichi launched TOKIWA COFFEE ROASTER to bring the taste of specialty coffee to as many people as possible. Let’s dig deeper to understand his innermost thoughts. Brewing delicious coffee at home TOKIWA COFFEE ROASTER is unique in that it is a chain business, which is rare for specialty coffee shops and in that its main business is selling green coffee beans, not like an eat-in chain where you drink inside. In 2012, they opened the first and main shop in Omiya and then later expanded to 10 branches. They also sell roasted beans and drip bags online. The company focuses on selling green coffee because they want people to enjoy good coffee at home on a daily basis. “If it’s a coffee shop, you can only drink coffee when you go there. But at home, you can drink it every day. You can brew coffee from beans that you have bought for yourself and have a moment of relaxation. I think it’s moments like these when I feel my life is enriched. I wanted to help create such moments for people to enjoy.” As Shinichi says, there’s no large space at TOKIWA COFFEE ROASTER for customers to drink. They do sell cups of coffee in...

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