Mr. Kondo’s coffee shop is located not far from Kyodo Station in Tokyo, a short walk from the lively main street. The entrance to the shop is tucked away, giving it the feel of a bar known only to those who know it. I had heard rumors about Mr. Kondo’s shop before he opened it that there is a very enthusiastic person who had left a foreign financial service company and opened a roastery. Not long after he opened his shop, he won first prize at an international roasting competition in Taiwan and second prize at the Japan Coffee Roasting Championship (JCRC), and his skills became widely known. We owe Mr. Kondo and he is a great benefactor to TYPICA because he allowed us to use his shop for our very first cupping session and was also the first buyer of our coffee. Nevertheless, this time was the first time I had a chance to talk to him at length and I would like to share some of his amazing life stories that came out one after another. “It’s interesting because that’s the world I don’t know anything about.” Mr. Kondo states, “After graduating from a university, I joined the Saison Group in the middle of the bubble economy. Since I have always liked subcultures of music and movies, I became interested in the Saison Group because it focused on cultural affairs. I was also influenced by Mr. Seiji Tsutsumi, the founder of the company. In my second year after joining the company, I was suddenly sent to London. It was a training program for the Nomura Securities, and since I had graduated from Sophia...

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