THE COFFEESHOP is a specialty coffee shop located behind the campus of University of Tokyo in an area where time flows calmly. They are developing several businesses not only through their stores but also through their e-commerce site, including a subscription service that delivers coffee every month and a service that allows customers to create their own drip bag designs. We interviewed the store manager, Mr. Daito Hagiwara, who says, “We do a lot of things, but the most important thing is to make people feel that the coffee is delicious.” Having delicious coffee at home. THE COFFEESHOP opened in 2011 and the concept of the shop is to provide total satisfaction in the coffee experience from selecting beans to drinking. The store was born to focus on roasting and extraction methods to convey the rich taste and deep culture of specialty coffee. In the definition of specialty coffee set by the Specialty Coffee Association of Japan, the first sentence says, “It is a coffee that is evaluated by consumers as delicious and satisfactory.” This is also the ideology that guides THE COFFEESHOP. When the shop first opened, they purchased and sold roasted coffee, but in 2013, they started roasting their own coffee. From the time they purchased green coffees, they repeatedly went through cupping and sample roasting, and carefully selected and sold only coffee that they felt was “delicious.” The company practices “From Seed to Cup,” through quality control at every stage from coffee beans to the cup, by offering a choice of four different brewing methods when serving coffee in cafes. The company launched a subscription service for coffee in 2012, which was...

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